About Us

At Rainbow Music for Kids, we believe that music education should begin at an early age to help in the development of a child's music and mentally abilities. We base our teaching on the philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly, a Hungarian Music educator. According to Kodaly our first instrument is our voice and at Rainbow Music for Kids we have fun with our singing voice through games, songs and dances. Helping each child to develop their own singing voice.


What we do

We represent music in a pure and clean way to kids and work with care to develop listening skills and vocal skills, exploring our full vocal range.Rainbow Music teachers sing live with children, without any distracting recorded music in the background.The teachers are the models.

At Rainbow Music we present highly interactive Music classes for parent and child all around Dublin. We encourage all our parents to sing with the teachers giving confiendence to your child. Many parents find it pleasing at their own vocal discoveries along with their child!

Each week we sing and dance to different kids music repertoire discovering unconsciously the beat, rhythm and tempos. The kids begin to discover there own singing voice through pitch and vocal exploration from the Rainbow Music teacher. Kids also enjoy the story song book each week and of course the rewarding stamp at the end of the lesson!

At Rainbow Music we create a friendly environment for the kids, here the kids can actively absorb the music. Each child's musical participation in class may not happen straight away and the teachers will not push this, we wait until they are ready to sing with us. They will usually bring the rainbow music home where they are more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

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