Workshops for Teachers


Rainbow Music For Kids hold workshops designed for teachers throughout the year. We can also arrange workshops at your creche/preschool, where we can tailor thematic songs to...

The workshops are directed at primary school teacher / musicians / music students/ music teachers (classroom, instrumental, early years practitioners) who are interested in teaching early childhood music in the Kodaly way. Zoltán Kodály (1882 - 1967) was a Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, linguist, educator, author and philosopher who had a significant impact on the field of music education. 
Kodály believed:
• Everyone has the right to be musically literate. 
• Teachers should use the student's most natural instrument, the voice. 
• Music education should begin at an early age. 
• Children should begin by learning their musical mother-tongue (the folk songs of their own cultures). 
• Only music of the highest quality should be used in the classroom. 
• Teachers should follow the stages of child development in a sequential approach to learning music, using the known to discover the unknown. 
• To be an excellent teacher, one must also be an excellent musician and scholar.
The workshops will give an insight into the Kodály method for ages from 6 months to 8 years. It will feature basic Kodály musicianship skills (unconscious and conscious beat and rhythm work), Solfa (aural awareness), developing appropriate repertoire and integrating other methods (Dalcroze and Orff).

The workshop are led by Niamh Parkinson, Director and owner of Rainbow Music For Kids, she has studied at the Kodály Institute Australia and holds the Certificate from the institute. 

If you would be interested in attending or arranging a  workshop, please email or call Niamh on 086 335 6353.